It’s simple. When you reach more supporters with more choices, you’ll raise more money. Using the industry’s most successful online platform means you’re guaranteed results. So, whether you want to fundraise with products, donations, or a combination of both, we’ll help you crush your fundraising goals.

Make 25% – 35% More than Traditional Programs!

Our Custom-Built Fundraising Platform Does The Work For You

The days of old school, door to door fundraising are over. When you use the industry’s most powerful platform, you’ll have a single fundraising platform that simplifies your fundraising from start to finish. Like quick guided one time registration, customizable seller pages, automatic seller and buyer reminders, simple texting, easy links to social, and a frictionless shopping experience, mean higher participation and growth for your group.

Mobile-First Design

Automated, Smart Reminders

Real-Time Dashboards

Integrated Email, Texting & Social Media

One Company. One Platform. = Less Time. More Profit!

See our unique Profit Recipe here.

Start Your Fundraiser Now!

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!


Pick Your Program and Launch

You can rely on our expert consultants to help you decide what program will work best for your group. Whether that's products from 10+ popular product lines, donation, or a hybrid. We’re with you every step of the way!


Kickoff Your Sale

We'll get you started with an energetic kickoff to inspire, motivate, and get your sellers going! In about 15 minutes, we'll have your sellers registered with their personalized pages and your fundraiser up and running. Our intelligent automatic communication tools will do all the heavy lifting and keep your sellers and supporters in the loop throughout your fundraiser.

Quick Payments

Get Your Profit

You can track your group’s progress in real time on your sponsor and seller dashboards so there's no guesswork. Within two weeks of the close of your fundraiser, you'll get your profit through your choice of ACH direct deposit or certified mail.

Our Unique Profit Recipe

Donation Fundraising Works

It’s the wave of the future. People want to support your cause. Sometimes a  straight donation program is the easiest and best way to reach your goal.

Sell the Most Popular Products in Fundraising

Something for everyone! Choose from the top products in fundraising including gifts, popcorn, cookie dough, custom tumblers, beef jerky, coffee, socks, trash bags, and more! Ship-to-Home and Ship-to-Group options.

Profit Boosting Features

Guided setup prompts, automated email messaging, nudge reminders to sellers, integrated texting/social media posting, and our proprietary integrated spirit wear prize program are all game changers!

Reach More Supporters and Raise More Money

Add donation, affordable Ship-to-Home products, and digital items (streaming movies, magazines, and more) to any sales to reach more supporters across the country and earn more profit.

Make 40%+ Profit

Choose the fundraiser that works for you and make at least 40% profit. Add a donation and/or digital option and make even more! Our expert consultants will work closely with you to craft a program that ensures you’ll reach your goal!

Fundraising Technology Built For Success

By using software designed and built exclusively for fundraising, campaigns powered by InstaRaise earn 25% – 35% more than traditional fundraisers! Sponsors, Sellers and Supporters will easily navigate through a simple process engineered to be quick, simple, and frictionless. The whole experience is a breeze, which means more happy users and bigger results.

  • NOne platform for all your fundraising needs makes life easier!
  • NSellers register and create their own personalized web store in less than 5 minutes which means more participation.
  • NDynamic, streamlined web pages makes shopping fun and supporting easy!
  • NSeller sales data and contacts are saved in the cloud so repeat fundraisers are as easy as pie!
  • NSmart AI-like communication automatically filters and sends more than 30 different email alerts, reminders, and nudges depending on where someone is in the fundraising process.

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